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Electrical Project Engineer - (Various Locations)
Mechanical Engineer EIT - (Various Locations)
Mechanical Project Engineer - (Various Locations)
Superintendent-Sheet Metal - (Various Locations)
Hazwopers - AL (Helena)
Marine Electrician (MEL-1001) - AL (Mobile)
Quality Assurance Inspector - CA (San Diego)
Experienced Shipyard Laborers - CA (San Diego)
Human Resource Assistant 3 - CA (San Diego)
Marine Electrician (MEL-12004) - CA (San Diego)
Pipe Fitter (PF-12004) - CA (San Diego)
Pipe Welder (PW-12002) - CA (San Diego)
Procurement Analyst 2 - CA (El Segundo)
Sheet Metal Mechanic (SMM-12004) - CA (San Diego )
Ship Fitter (SF-12002) - CA (San Diego)
Shipboard Technical Estimator - CA (San Diego )
Stock Clerk - CA (San Carlos)
Welder (WE-12002) - CA (San Diego)
Welder (WE-12004) - CA (San Diego)
1st to 3rd class Ship Fitters (SF-2001) - FL (Mayport)
Aircraft Structures Mechanic 3 - FL (St. Augustine)
Business Unit Manager - FL (Orlando)
Insulator (IN-2001A) - FL (Mayport)
Insulator (IN-2002) - FL (Mayport)
Marine Carpenter - FL (Mayport)
Marine Electrician (MEL-2002) - FL (Mayport)
Outside Machinist (OSM-2001) - FL (Mayport)
Pipe Fitter (PF-1008) - FL (Panama City)
Pipe Welder (PW-1008) - FL (Panama City)
Pipe Welder (PW-2001) - FL (Mayport)
Project Managers / Senior Project Managers - FL (Jacksonville)
Project Manager-Sheet Metal - FL (Orlando)
Rigger (RI-2001) - FL (Mayport)
Road Superintedent - FL (Tampa)
Senior Bridge/Heavy Highway Estimator - FL (Tampa)
Senior Project Engineer - FL (Jacksonville)
Sheet Metal Mechanic (SMM-2001) - FL (Mayport)
Stock Clerk - FL (Saint Petersburg)
Engineer Mechanical 3 - GA (Warner Robins)
Instrument Fitter (IF-3025) - LA (Cameron)
Engineer Hardware 3 - MD (Hollywood)
Commissioning Manager - NC (Raleigh)
Diesel Mechanic - NC (Moyock)
Electrician Helper - NC (Currituck)
General Superintendent - Sheet Metal - NC (Raleigh)
Heavy Equipment Operators (Dozer, Excavator, Skid Steer, Lull) - NC (Currituck)
Industrial Electrician - NC (Currituck)
Laborers - NC (Moyock)
Safety Manager - NC (Moyock)
Production Tester, Optical Assembler and a Multi-Discipline Assembler - NH (Londonberry)
Thermal Tech - NH (Londonberry)
Welding Supervisor - PA (Philadelphia)
Senior Project Manager - TX (Houston)
Insulators/Marine Pipe Coverers - VA (Newport News)
Admin Functional Support2/Medical Assistant - VA (Newport News)
Cable Pullers (CP-6004B) - VA (Norfolk)
Chipper/Grinder - VA (Newport News)
Diesel Mechanic (DM-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Engineer Mechanical 1 - VA (Newport News)
Human Resourse Assistant 2 - VA (Newport News)
Laboratory Assistant 2/Medical Assistant - VA (Newport News)
Marine Electricians (MEL-7010) - VA (Portsmouth)
Material Handler - VA (Suffolk)
Nurse Employee Health 2 - VA (Newport News)
Outside Machinist (OSM-7010) - VA (Portsmouth)
Procurement Analyst 2 - VA (Newport News)
Project Manager - VA (Newport News)
Rigger (RI-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Ship Fitters (SF-7001) - VA (Newport News)
Ship Fitters (SF-7010) - VA (Portsmouth)
Structural Welder (STW-7010) - VA (Portsmouth)
Welder (WE-7001) - VA (Newport News)
Workers Compensation Rep 1 - VA (Newport News)

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