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3rd Class Electricians (ME3-AL) - AL (Mobile)
A and B Class Marine Electricians (ME-1001A) - AL (Mobile)
Aluminum Ship Fitter (ASF-1001) - AL (Mobile)
Fiber Optic Technician (FT-1001) - AL (Mobile)
Insulator (IN-1001) - AL (Mobile)
Insulator (IN-1001A) - AL (Mobile)
Marine Electrician (ME-1001) - AL (Mobile)
Outside Machinist (OSM-1001) - AL (Mobile)
Outside Machinist (OSM-1003) - AL (Mobile)
Pipe Fitter (PF-1001) - AL (Mobile)
Pipe Fitter (PF-1003) - AL (Mobile)
Pipe Fitters (PF-1001A) - AL (Mobile)
Pipe Welder (PW-1003) - AL (Mobile )
Purchasing Price Analyst - AL (Huntsville)
Ship Fitter (SF-1003) - AL (Mobile)
Ship Fitter (SF-1003) - AL (Mobile)
Ship Fitter (SF-1004) - AL (Mobile)
Welder (WE-1003) - AL (Mobile)
Welder (WE-1004) - AL (Mobile)
Avionics Technician (AT-CA) - CA (San Diego)
CDL Driver (LA) - CA (San Diego)
CNC Machinist - CA (Palmdale)
Combination Welder/ Fitter (CO-12006) - CA (San Diego )
Contract Administrator (APS-CA) - CA (San Diego)
Electrical Technician 3 - CA (El Segundo)
Electronic Instrumentation Technician - CA (El Segundo)
Logistics Management Analyst 3 - CA (Palmdale)
Logistics Planner 2 - CA (San Diego)
Marine Electrician (MEL-12002) - CA (San Diego)
Marine Electrician (MEL-12004) - CA (San Diego)
Metrology / Dimensional Control Technicians - CA (Palmdale)
Numerical Control Programmer - CA (El Segundo)
Outside Machinist (OSM-12002) - CA (San DIego)
Outside Machinist (OSM-12011) - CA (San Diego)
Outside Machinist (OSM-12011) - CA (San Diego)
Outside Machinist (OSM-12011) - CA (San Diego )
Outside Machinist- AC&R Technician(OSM-12003) - CA (San Diego)
Outside Machinist III- Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician (OSM-12003) - CA (San Diego )
Painter/ Blaster (PB-12002) - CA (San Diego)
Pipe Fitter (PF-12002) - CA (San Diego)
Pipe Fitter (PF-12006) - CA (Chula Vista)
Project Manager - CA (Redondo Beach )
Rigger (RI-12002) - CA (San Diego)
Sheet Metal Mechanic (SMM-12004) - CA (San Diego)
Sheet Metal Mechanic (SMM-12004) - CA (San Diego)
Ship Fitter (SF-12002) - CA (San Diego)
Ship Fitter (SF-12011) - CA (San Diego)
Ship Fitters (SF-12006) - CA (Chula Vista)
Ship Repair Estimator - CA (San Diego)
Ship Superintendent (SS-12020) - CA (San Diego)
Structural Welders (STW-12002) - CA (San Diego )
Support Services Manager (APS-CA) - CA (San Diego)
Welder (WE-12019) - CA (San Diego, CA)
Welders (WE-12006) - CA (Chula Vista)
1st, 2nd, and 3rd ClassPumpers - FL (Jacksonville)
2nd Class Insulators - FL (Cape Canaveral)
Accounting Specialist/ AP - FL (Jacksonville)
Aerospace Inspector (AI-FL) - FL (Crestview)
Aircraft Stuctures Mechanic (ASM1-FL) - FL (St. Augustine)
Aluminum Welder (AWEL-2001A) - FL (Mayport)
Assistant Controller - FL (Jacksonville)
Backhoe Operator - FL (Jacksonville)
Bridge Carpenter - FL (Jacksonville)
Bridge Finisher - FL (Jacksonville)
Bulldozer Operator - FL (Jacksonville)
Construction Project Manager - FL (Jacksonville)
Electrical Engineer (APS-FL) - FL (Jacksonville)
Outside Machinist (OSM-2003) - FL (Tampa)
Pipe Fitter (PF-2001B) - FL (Jacksonville)
Pipe Fitter (PF-2003) - FL (Tampa)
Pipe Layer - FL (Jacksonville)
Pipe Welder (PW-2001B) - FL (Jacksonville)
Pipe Welder (PW-2003) - FL (Tampa)
Professional Recruiter II - FL (Jacksonville)
Professional Services Administrative Coordinator - FL (Jacksonville)
Property Control Specialist (PSC-APS) - FL (Melbourne)
Quality Assurance - FL (Mayport )
Receptionist - FL (Crestview)
Rigger (RI-2020) - FL (Jacksonville)
Riggers (RI-2001B) - FL (Jacksonville)
Sheet Metal Mechanic (SMM-2002) - FL (Jacksonville)
Ship Fitter (SF-2001B) - FL (Jacksonville )
Ship Fitter (SF-2003) - FL (Tampa )
Ship Fitter (SF-2008) - FL (Panama City)
Ship Fitters (SF-2001B) - FL (Jacksonville)
Ship Repair Quality Assurance - FL (Mayport)
Shipfitter Supervisor - FL (Mayport)
Staffing Representative - FL (Melbourne)
Structural Welder (STW-2003) - FL (Tampa)
Tool Die Maker - FL (St. Augustine)
Welder (WE-2003) - FL (Tampa)
Maintenance Technician - GA (Midway)
2nd Class Shipfitter (SF-3007) - LA (Baton Rouge )
CDL Drivers (CDL-LA) - LA (West Lake)
Employee Relations Manager (CORP) - LA (Westwego)
Environmental Manager - LA (Sunshine)
Field Superintendent - Piping - LA (Cameron)
Instrument Fitter (IF-3025) - LA (Cameron)
Instrumentation Supervisor - LA (Cameron)
Pipe Fitter (PF-3025) - LA (Cameron)
Pipe Welder (PW-3025) - LA (Cameron)
Aircraft Electrician 3 - MS (Mosspoint)
Aircraft Mechanic 3 - MS (Moss Point)
Component Overhaul Repair Operator - MS (Madison)
Dockmaster (APS-MS) - MS (Pascagoula)
Flight Operations 4 (Flight Line Tech) - MS (Moss Point )
Flux Core Welder (FWE-4005A) - MS (Pascagoula)
Inventory Clerk (APS-MS) - MS (Madison)
Pipe FItter (PF-4003) - MS (Pascagoula)
Pipe Fitter (PF-4004) - MS (Gulfport )
Pipe Fitter (PF-4005A) - MS (Pascagoula)
Pipe Fitter (PF-4005B) - MS (Escatawpa)
Pipe Welder (PW-4003) - MS (Pascagoula )
Pipe Welder (PW-4005A) - MS (Pascagoula )
Ship Fitter (SF-4004) - MS (Gulfport)
Ship Fitters (SF-4005B) - MS (Escatawpa)
Electronics Assembler - NH (Londonderry)
Optical Assembler (APS-NH) - NH (Londonderry)
Thermal Technician - NH (Londonderry)
Assemblers (APS-OH) - OH (Mason)
Test Technician - OH (Mason)
Weld Instructor - OK (Tulsa)
Computer / Electrical Engineer - PA (Philadelphia)
Lead Quality Inspector (Secret Clearance) - PA (Philadelphia)
Maintenance Worker - PA (Williamsport)
Material Handler - PA (Leetsdale)
Outfitting Engineer - PA (Philadelphia)
Simulation Software Engineer - PA (Philadelphia)
Sr. Principal Programmer - PA (Philadelphia)
System Administrator - PA (Philadelphia)
Rigging Manager - SC (Charleston)
A&P Inspector - TX (Waco)
A&P Inspectors with NDI (Non-Destructive Test) - TX (Waco)
A&P Inspectors with ODA experience (Organizational Designation Authorization) - TX (Waco )
Accounts Payable Clerk (APS-TX) - TX (Rockwall)
Employment For Veterans - TX ()
Payroll Admin (APS-TX) - TX (Waco)
Spray Painters & Sand Blasters (SP-12016) - TX (Dallas)
Administrative Support (APS-VA) - VA (Newport News)
All Crafts Needed (ALL-VA) - VA (Norfolk)
Aluminum Tig Welder (AWEL-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
AN/SPN-41 Technician - VA (Newport News)
AN/TPX-42(V)14w/FC3 Technician - VA (Newport News)
Branch Manager - VA (Portsmouth )
CIWS Technician - VA (Newport News)
Class A CDL w/HAZMAT - VA (Norfolk)
CNC Machinist - VA (Newport News)
CNC Machinist (APS-VA) - VA (Portsmouth)
Coatings Estimator (CE-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Computer System Security Analyst - GRC - VA (Newport News)
Consulting Field Engineer (CFE-APS) - VA (Newport News)
CUNI Nickel TIG Pipe Welder (CUNI-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Diesel Mechanic (DM-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Electrical Designer (APS) - VA (Hampton)
Electrical Leadman (LM-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Engineer - RCOH ACTE - VA (Newport News)
Engineer Systems 4- Sharepoint - VA (Newport News)
Engineer Systems 5 - VA (Newport News)
Engineering Tech 3 - VA (Newport News, VA)
Engineering Technician 4 - SPM - VA (Newport News)
Estimator - VA (Norfolk)
Facilities Engineer - GIS Mechanical - VA (Newport News)
Facilities Engineers - Mechanical / GIS - VA (Newport News)
General Laborers - VA (Newport News)
Hazmat Technician (APS-VA) - VA (Norfolk)
Health and Safety Inspector - VA (Norfolk)
Help Desk Technical Support - VA (Newport News)
Insulator (IN-6019) - VA (Norfolk)
Insulator (IN-6036) - VA (Tidewater area)
IT Engineer Systems 5 - SAP HR/Payroll - VA (Newport News)
Maintenance Mechanic (MM-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Marine Electrician (ME-6004) - VA (Portsmouth)
Marine Electrician (ME-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Marine Electrician (ME-6032) - VA (Norfolk)
Marine Electrician (MEL-6019) - VA (Norfolk)
NACE / NBPI Inspector - VA (Norfolk)
Nace Inspector - VA (Norfolk)
NDT Level II Inspector - VA (Norfolk)
NSSMS/RAM Technician - VA (Newport News)
Onsite Supervisor (APS-VA) - VA (Norfolk)
Outside Machinist (OSM-6019) - VA (Norfolk)
Outside Machinist (OSM-6029) - VA (Norfolk)
Outside Machinist (OSM-6032) - VA (Norfolk)
Painter (PA-6019) - VA (Norfolk)
Painter (PA-6021) - VA (Chesapeake)
Painter (PA-6029) - VA (Norfolk)
Pipe Fitter (PF-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Pipe Fitter (PF-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Pipe Fitter (PF-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Pipe Shop Supervisor (PSS-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Pipe Welder (PW-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Production Planning and Scheduler 2 - VA (Newport News)
Project Assistant (APS-VA) - VA (Virginia Beach)
Project Manager- Ship Repair - VA (Norfolk)
Pump Mechanics (PM-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
QA Inspector - VA (Norfolk)
Quality Assurance Inspector - VA (Norfolk)
Quality Assurance Specialist (QA-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Quality Assurance Specialist (QA-6011) - VA (Virginia Beach)
Quality Inspector - VA ()
Rigger (RI-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Rigger (RI-6019) - VA (Norfolk )
Safety Inspector - VA (Portsmouth )
Sheet Metal Mechanic (SMM-6019) - VA (Newport News)
Sheet Metal Mechanics (SMM-6004) - VA (Norfolk )
Ship Fitter (SF-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Ship Fitter (SF-6019) - VA (Norfolk)
Ship Fitter (SF-6032) - VA (Norfolk)
Ship Fitters (SF-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Ship Repair Planner/Estimatpr - VA (Norfolk)
Ship Repair Supervisors - VA (Norfolk)
Structural Engineer - API 650 SME - VA (Newport News)
Structural Engineer - Facilities - VA (Newport News)
Structural Welder (STW-6004) - VA (Norfolk)
Structural Welder (STW-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
Test Coordinator - VA (Norfolk)
Valve Mechanic (VM-6004A) - VA (Norfolk)
WAF Coordinator - VA (Norfolk)
Welder (WE-6019) - VA (Norfolk)
Welder (WE-7002) - VA (Newport News, VA )
Combination Welder (WE-11006) - WA ()
Outside Machinist (OSM-11006) - WA (Bremerton)
Pipe Fitter (PF-11006) - WA (Bremerton )
Project Support Engineer - WA (Bremerton)
Quality Assurance Supervisor - WA (Bremerton )
Safety Inspector - WA (Bremerton)
Ship Fitter (SF-11006) - WA (Bremerton )
Ship Fitter (SF-11006A) - WA (Bremerton)
C7 Painter/Blaster (C7-APS) - WI (Marinette)
Pipe Fitter (PF-10002) - WI ()
Pipe Fitters (PF-6001B) - WI (Marinette)

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